How To Choose The Perfect Skirting Boards For Your Home

Some people love skirting boards while others don't. Why?

When you look closer the main reason is they didn't like the way a couple of other homes looked with them. You are wondering why?

Well, it's compatibility. If your skirting boards do not match your home general look they won't look great.

Apart from hiding wires and gaps while protecting wall damage, these boards provide a decorative look.

But how do you find a perfect match for your home?

Main factors to consider

1. Style and age of your home

Is your home architectural design modern or of the 70's? Is it a mid-century modern, traditional, bohemian...? All of these different styles require a certain layout. Being informed about how exactly your home looks like gives you an idea of which baseboards match. This style factor determines how high the baseboards would go in order to fit the height of the walls.

2. People living in your home

If you have a big family with kids spoiling walls and you repainting regularly, you might want to settle for less expensive ones. This would be much convenient for replacement. There are no definite rules of skirting your home. You will consider all the factors in your specific circumstance and with the help of a designer, you can create a perfect match. MDF or PVC baseboards?

Being one of the most popular types of MDF skirting boards, people get confused on which ones they can use. This of course is until they get a comprehensive explanation of how the two differ.


The Medium Density Fiberboard is an artificially made material found in most furniture in your home. Hardwoods and softwoods are broken down and glued together to form different kinds of MDF that are in turn used to make baseboards.